Co-Founder & Designer

I have realized, regardless of the scale of my designs, it’s always formed around a single and strong idea. This idea comes into life either from a form, a material, a detail or even sometimes from an act of the user. After this point, I aim to use all the other design tools to make them serve for this idea in the most potent way. When the design period is completed, if the “main idea” is still simple and strong, I stand in front of my design and I just feel delighted.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in I.T.U. Architecture Faculty, Architecture Department. After graduation, she worked in several architecture offices, where she had oppurtunity to work and gained experience on different functions and scales like urban design, residence, office and showroom designs. In the meanwhile, she continued to explore the world of furniture and product design. In 2014, aiming to go on with her works on architecture, interior design and product design, under a single name, she founded “ABRA Design Studio” with Cemal Cobanoğlu.



Co-Founder & Designer

I believe I’m a good observer. I put everything I observe, somewhere in my head. These sometimes come out after two years and give shape to a table design, and sometimes in five minutes, solves the joining detail of a chair I’m designing. I like the fact that my designs have a story…

He completed his bachelor’s degree in I.T.U. Architecture Faculty, Interior Architecture Department and his post graduate in IMIAD programme, where he studied in I.T.U, in Finland, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and in Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art. In this period, he wrote his thesis on mid-century furniture design and Scandinavian design. He won several different prizes in urban design, interior design and furniture design competitions. After graduation, he gained experience in several interior architecture and design studios. In 2014, he founded “ABRA Design Studio” with Başak Bakkaloğlu. He concurrently writes for Home Art, Postkolik magazines and Arkitera.